NGS News

Regional School of the Year Finalist

We are pleased to announce that Newcastle Grammar School has been shortlisted for an Excellence Award in the category of Prime Super Regional School of the Year in the 2023 Australian Education Awards.

The awards showcase the top-performing schools for their outstanding achievements and transformative work that makes a profound difference to the lives of young people across Australia.

Our submission reflects achievements across a number of areas including academic, co-curricular, culture, wellbeing, our affiliation with international networks, community engagement, operations and strategy.

The submission addresses how NGS satisfies the criteria for this category:

Consistently high standards of teaching and learning are evidenced by excellent NAPLAN results and improvements, ATAR results, professional achievements and staff qualifications.

NGS has a rigorous professional learning program to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. Staff members access individualised professional learning aligned to their goals, as well as whole school and faculty-based opportunities aligned with our strategic plan. Our staff work in collaboration to design innovative learning experiences.

NGS has formed and executed a strategic communications and channel plan over the last two years. We have updated our learning management system for internal communication, focused attention on our fortnightly newsletter, developed content-rich social media and publish a high-quality biannual magazine.

The business and operations of NGS, including finances, are well managed with long-term sustainability forecasts. Facilities and maintenance across both campuses are managed by an onsite team and we will soon begin construction on a new building which has State Significant Development approval. NGS is committed to whole school wellbeing and a culture of staff connection and collaboration. 

Continuous improvement in innovation and compliance is high on the School’s priority list, evidenced by the 2023-2025 Strategic Plan which features four key principals of Responsibility, Partnership, Sustainability and Co-design.

Congratulations to every staff member – your individual contributions make a positive difference to our community every day.