Welcome to Newcastle Grammar School (NGS)—a school community that strives to provide an educational experience characterised by a holistic approach, encompassing experiences anchored in our values of respect, integrity, service and excellence. Our aim will always be to enable young people to become graduates who are capable and well-rounded—who are aware of the strengths and capabilities that they bring to a dynamic and complex world.

Our school seeks to provide an environment that assists our students not only to hone their skills and talents but also allows them to look beyond the gates of the School to the broader community. We must all aim to be people who look outward, aspiring to create the best future possible—not merely consumers of the good things that come our way.

The founders of our School captured this beautifully when they selected the school motto, Spectemur Agendo “let us be judged by our acts”. We must always strive to be a school community that is characterised by service to others while striving for excellence in all that we do.

“It is an absolute privilege to be afforded the opportunity to lead a school that so clearly values the holistic development of young people within its care. Newcastle is a city that offers so much. There can be no doubt that the School is in an exceptionally strong position to be an institution that leads the way as the city reinvents itself and continues to thrive. There are so many strengths to this school community, none more so than the wonderful young people with whom we have the honour of working.”

Matt Macoustra

The relationships that are developed with the families who are part of the NGS community form an essential connection. Schools must work in partnership with parents and caregivers to provide the young people in our care with the best possible opportunities. The holistic approach that is offered here at NGS reaches beyond the classroom to engage through myriad co-curricular and service-learning experiences.

As you discover more about Newcastle Grammar School, I hope you will capture a glimpse of the calibre of learning, teaching and care provided by our staff, and the opportunities available to our students.

Matt Macoustra
Head of School

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