SAP Program

The pursuit of excellence at Newcastle Grammar School extends well beyond achieving outstanding academic results; we provide a comprehensive education that equips young individuals to shape their own exceptional futures.

Established in 2020, our Supporting Athlete Performance (SAP) program was designed to enable athletes to maintain their high academic achievements while pursuing excellence in their athletic endeavours. This initiative is open to a carefully selected group of exceptional secondary students, chosen based on their alignment with both the NGS Sporting Framework and Sport Australia FTEM Model. Since its inception, our student-athletes have consistently pushed their limits, achieving remarkable growth and accomplishments.

Participants in our SAP program enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Customised schedules to accommodate increased training demands.
  • Tailored support plans for athletes who miss school due to competitions or tournaments.
  • Personalised physiotherapy consultations and fitness programs.
  • Assistance in areas of performance, mindset and recovery.
  • Guidance in strength and conditioning through specially designed programs and load management to help athletes reach their goals.
  • Workshops on nutrition and individualised consultations.
  • Media training opportunities to help students shape their narratives.
  • Academic support tailored by our Director of Learning and Teaching, encompassing elective selection and time management guidance.
  • Wellbeing support provided by school affiliates, Heads of House and our School psychologist.
  • Ambassadorial roles with the high-performance sportswear brand, Valour.
  • Personalised mentoring from the Head of Athlete Development.

NGS is proud to bring this exceptional program to the School, helping the next generation of elite sportspeople become not only great athletes but also excellent people. Since its foundation, our athletes have continued to grow, develop and raise the bar with their achievements.

Our team, both internal and external providers within the SAP program, boasts extensive experience working with individual athletes and high-performance programs at regional, state and national levels.

In our commitment to providing outstanding opportunities and exciting futures for our students, we are continuously enhancing our SAP program. We have created a unique system that monitors and tracks our athletes’ progress over time, offering them valuable resources, support and development opportunities. Furthermore, our program aligns seamlessly with talent identification in high-performance sports, ensuring that our athletes are well-prepared when transitioning into these elite teams and environments.

At the heart of our approach is the ATHLETE 360 tracking system, a holistic athlete assessment criteria. Our system monitors athlete development, elevates their performance and equips them with essential skills for their future. When combined with our SAP program, the ATHLETE 360 tracking system provides an exceptional opportunity for NGS athletes, laying the groundwork for their journey toward becoming world’s best.