School Fees

Newcastle Grammar School’s fees are reviewed and the Schedule of Fees updated every year. Tuition Fees can be paid in a single annual payment or in ten instalments across the year.

Application Fee

When submitting your Application for Enrolment, a non-refundable Application Fee of $330 (includes GST) per students is applicable.

Entry Fee

Following the submission of your application and interview, in the year preceding your child’s entry successful applications will be sent an offer of placement. To accept the offer of placement, payment of the Entry Fee must be made.
$2,000 per child or
$5,500 per family with three or more students enrolled concurrently at NGS

Tuition Fee Schedule

Download the Fee Schedule here
Download the International Student Fee Schedule here

Activity Levy

The Activity Levy is designed to cover educational and curriculum-based activities that are undertaken by a whole year group. This may include (but is not limited to) camps, excursions, student wellbeing activities or student subscriptions. A Tech levy is also applicable to all Primary students to support the 1:1 iPad program.

Subject and co-curricular fees

Subject Course Fees for classes in Years 9 to 12 may be required for subjects including, but not limited to, Design and Technology, Visual Arts, Hospitality, HSC Music and Technology. These are approximately $50 per semester. Musical Instrument hire ranges from approximately $50 to $80 per term, depending on the instrument. Fees apply for most Co-Curricular activities.

Family Remissions

Discounts on Tuition Fees only apply for families with multiple children enrolled at Newcastle Grammar School at the same time.
10% remission on fees for the second oldest student.
50% remission on fees for the third oldest and subsequent students.


To help support the NGS community today, and into the future, families are encouraged to donate to the School’s Building Fund. A Voluntary Contribution of $25 per monthly instalment, or $250 annually, is included at the end of every statement. Please note, this payment is entirely voluntary and the sum is not included in the Amount Owing total of the Statement Opening Balance. Amounts contributed to the Fund in excess of $2 are tax deductible.

Please note, information is subject to change.

For enrolment queries, contact the Enrolments team on 02 4929 5811 or email
For queries about fees and payments, contact the Accounts Department on 02 4929 5811 or