At Newcastle Grammar School, our extensive and unparalleled co-curricular opportunities provide students with the freedom and support to embark on their own outstanding futures. Our co-curricular program, myNGS Passport, and the Supporting Athlete Performance (SAP) program have both been recognised as innovative and ground-breaking.

Students benefit from a large network of industry connections and outstanding relationships with teachers to create a strong community that makes an impact. Our partnerships among the wider community – locally in the Hunter Region, nationally and internationally – enrich our students’ learning experiences and develop them into young people who are adaptable and confidently prepared to take on a constantly evolving global landscape.

Explore how our Partnerships with Round Square and Service organisations contribute to building a sense of purpose among students.

NGS Sport – Develop valuable life skills

Experience the outstanding with NGS Sport. Our array of sport options ensures there’s something for every passion. Guided by seasoned coaches, students participate in a positive, well-equipped environment including access to high quality local facilities. Working together for NGS fortifies friendships and teamwork, both on and off the field.

Supporting Athlete Performance (SAP) Program

For high achieving athletes and ambitious scholars, we present the Supporting Athlete Performance (SAP) program. Designed to synergise athletic aspirations with academic achievements, SAP offers a select group of secondary students a unique opportunity — tailored timetables, workshops, performance guidance and holistic support to ensure a continued path of excellence. With individualised mentoring and an innovative tracking system, SAP paves the way for elite athletes to achieve their personal best, fostering resilience, leadership and unwavering determination.

Learn how we are helping talented young athletes achieve their best both in their sport and academically through the Supporting Athlete Performance (SAP) program.

Creative and Performing Arts – Art classes, Music ensembles, Tuition, Performances

The arts are integral to a well-rounded education and the overall wellbeing of students. They promote collaborative learning and have been shown to offer academic, physical, emotional and social benefits. Our commitment to the arts is evident not only in the curriculum but also through a range of co-curricular activities available. Opportunities cater to students of all ability levels and includes music tuition, performance groups (bands, ensembles, choirs), expert Art tuition and musical theatre opportunities. Engaging in the arts also helps students develop the discipline necessary for performance and other areas of life, fostering creativity and talent that may require extra commitment beyond the core curriculum. Various production and performance activities offer real-life experience across a range of arts genres at the school.

Intellectual Competitions – A Lifelong Love for Learning

At NGS, we believe in nurturing the potential of our students through a rich array of Intellectual Competitions. Our commitment to fostering academic excellence is demonstrated through the wide range of opportunities designed to challenge, inspire and ignite the intellectual curiosity within each student. From spirited debates that sharpen critical thinking skills to captivating quiz competitions that showcase knowledge, our Intellectual Competitions offer a platform for students to excel and shine. We empower our students to explore their passions, delve into problem-solving challenges, and collaborate with peers to unlock their potential. These competitions not only celebrate academic achievement but also cultivate a lifelong love for learning, preparing our students to embrace a world of possibilities. At NGS, we champion intellectual growth, and our Intellectual Competitions stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

Outdoor Adventure

Nature’s classroom awaits through the NGS Outdoor Adventure program. Students are immersed in the rugged beauty of nature, whether it’s navigating forests, conquering peaks or paddling rivers. These experiences challenge individuals and forge bonds with fellow adventurers. Students will conquer fears, encounter challenges, embrace the elements, and return with a deeper understanding of the world and their place in it.

Newcastle Grammar School is not just a place of learning; it’s a launchpad for endless opportunities. With our extensive Co-curricular program, the myNGS Passport, the Supporting Athlete Performance program, our Creative and Performing Arts department, captivating Intellectual Competitions, and exhilarating Outdoor Adventure program, we invite you to become the architect of your own exceptional journey. Embrace every opportunity, transcend boundaries, and discover your true potential. Your outstanding future begins here, at Newcastle Grammar School.

Discover the range of options, for all interests and talents, in the myNGS Passport program.