Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To deliver an outstanding holistic education that prepares students to live a life of purpose and success.

Our Vision

Outstanding futures: empowering people to change their world and succeed in life.

Our Values

Our RISE values are woven through every student’s journey, visible in all that we do, to ensure our students consistently rise to graduate as individuals who are adaptable and confidently prepared to take on a constantly evolving global landscape.


We acknowledge that a shared humanity underpins respect. We believe respect forms the basis of our interactions.


Being honest with yourself and others is central to a worthwhile life. We aim to demonstrate trustworthiness and responsibility.


We appreciate diversity and understand appropriate and authentic responses. We desire to enrich the lives of others and understand that this, in turn, enriches our own lives.


We work together in an environment where the pursuit of excellence is encouraged, fostered and valued. We understand that wellbeing promotes excellence and is dependent on both feeling good about ourselves and doing good for others. We aim to bring the best version of ourselves to school each day.