Spectemur Agendo

Spectemur Agendo is the bi-yearly magazine of Newcastle Grammar School, featuring the achievements, activities, events and alumni news from the School.

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Spectemur Agendo Winter 2023
Spectemur Agendo Summer 2023
Spectemur Agendo Winter 2022
Spectemur Agendo Winter 2021
Spectemur Agendo Summer 2021
Special Edition 100 Year Centenary Edition

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan provides a comprehensive strategic direction for the future of NGS, striving towards the School being recognised as the leading regional school and as a world-class centre for learning and wellbeing.

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Strategic Plan 2023-2025

Strategic Plan 2019-2022

Annual Report

The Annual Report provides our families and community with updates on the School’s results and progress towards fulfilling our mission and educational aims.

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Annual Report 2023


Read our History Book 2020 outlining how NGS faced the unique challenges of that year.