MyNGS Passport

Crafting individual opportunities with flexibility and support

myNGS Passport is the unique co-curricular program offered at Newcastle Grammar School. Every student from Kindergarten to Year 12 is invited to create their own itinerary of adventure and undertake a journey of self-discovery through a range of enriching experiences.

Participants embark on activities designed to ignite their passions and challenge them beyond their comfort zones, whilst being supported by the dedicated staff of NGS. Students reflect on their experiences through an innovative digital portfolio, providing them with a snapshot record of the skills, knowledge and memories that have helped shaped them.

Within the six distinct pillars of the myNGS Passport, encompassing diverse experiences, every student finds their passion:

  • Movement for Life
  • Environment and Community Engagement
  • Creative Pursuits and Performing Arts
  • Skills for the Future
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Service and Leadership

Students keen on taking the path less travelled to pursue an endeavour outside those offered, or who are already engaging with an out-of-school activity, can utilise the Choose Your Own Experience option. This allows for additional experiences to be included in the program so students can gain School recognition for all co-curricular and extra-curricular accomplishments.

Regardless of your interest and talents, there is something for everyone within the six experience pillars of the myNGS program. Recognising that everyone has a different idea of adventure, students can pick and choose activities from one or all of the pillars.

myNGS Passport is the conduit to connection – connections between like-minded students encouraging and supporting each other, connections with local Hunter businesses and organisations and our partners, and connections around the world. Through our network of relationships, students have access to international schools, experts and programs with endless possibilities.

We recognise that the education landscape is changing and that post-secondary destinations including university study and employment opportunities will look different in the future. The myNGS Passport program is designed to prepare students by tapping into their potential and fostering confidence, character, collaboration and courage. With such a range of experiences on offer, and endless opportunities for individual growth, the program is a gateway to personal success for today and tomorrow. 

Activities within each pillar are subject to season, availability and interest. To view the current offering, download the current Experience List below.