A good start…

Hands on learning in Year 1 at Newcastle Grammar School's Park Campus

Parents are continually given advice from a range of sources on a range of topics – it can seem relentless. One topic that can rise above the rest is education, particularly on timing of starting school. The current popular view is that the more you hold your child back from school, the more they will succeed […]

Co-Education Versus Single-Sex Schools

Newcastle Grammar School has an exceptional calibre of graduating students

Co-Education Versus Single-Sex Schools In 2022, The Sydney Morning Herald had an article about the educational debate between co-educational schools like Newcastle Grammar and single-sex schools, which are predominantly in Sydney. The issue has been in the news, given the work by Chanel Contos on consent and respectful relationships, in which the poor behaviour of […]

What Works? Boys, Year 12 Academic Success, and the HSC

Newcastle Grammar School continually upskills teachers to create a high standard of education

“I needed to pull my head in and give this study thing a crack. Ease up on the skateboarding and set some goals and priorities. I’m going to be here ‘til Year 12. I’m not going to lose anything from trying to do my best in these last two years.” (Joseph) There continues to be […]